Camaraderie Featured at Western Paper’s 2017 Company Picnic

The annual Western Paper picnic gathers team members and their families together for an afternoon of food and fun. This year, there was also bit of friendly competition, with the office staff taking on the warehouse crew in a rousing, rain-soaked game of kickball. Organized primarily by Western Paper team member Kyrie Scott, the “carpet vs concrete” billing lived up to expectations and was the highlight of this year’s picnic.

Youth made the biggest impact on the game, with August Malom (son of Western Paper team member Susan Malom) being designated team MVP after sacrificing the skin on his arm with a slippery slide into second base. Although the final score was close, the concrete crew (warehouse) prevailed with a 9-7 victory over the carpets (office staff). The game was full of dropped catches, stolen bases, awkward kicks…and loads of laughter. Based on the amount of fun had by all, chances are good a rematch is already in the making for next year.