Western Paper’s 2018 Annual Sales Conference
Proves to Be Best One Ever!

2018 Sales Confer.jpg

Held up in the beautiful mountain town of Vail, Colorado, Western Paper’s sales team, leadership team and a group of the nation’s top suppliers gathered at the newly remodeled Hotel Talisa for four key days of insight, inspiration, education and connection. This highly anticipated event not only allows our team to investigate the latest industry innovations and top product solutions from our preferred supplier partners, but it also gives the company a chance to recognize some of the outstanding performances by those in our industry.

Steve Jung and Aaron Armstrong presented a powerful overview of the challenges and opportunities that the hospitality market currently faces. Western Paper’s CEO Nick Morris and President/CFO Jeff Farmer outlined their strategic plan for continuing to lead the industry in customer service and growing the business through excellence in execution. Once again, at the laughter-filled awards banquet, Morris entertained everyone while giving special recognition to a number of well-deserving team members, including: 

WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-409.jpg

Moving Mountains

Karen Dike

WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-411.jpg





Suzanne Malom




WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-415.jpg


John Freeman




WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-417.jpg


Supplier Sales Person of the Year

Brett Jordan (with Tennant)


WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-420.jpg



Supplier of the Year
GP Pro

Mike Spellacy, Amy Eisenmann, 
Dave Blauvelt,
Collin Mcferrin,
Kelsey Foster, Kevin Subach



WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-426.jpg


Lifetime Achievement and Pinnacle Club
Bill Robertson





Rising Star and Pinnacle Club
Kyle Green



WesternPaper 2018 Sales Conf-497.jpg



2017 Sales Consultant of the Year
Jeff Hartman